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In His Foot Steps

Purify Me

July 28th, 2014 | Author: lcarter

Waiting on the promise is not as easy as people make you think. There are some days that are better than others. Some days when you have no clue what hope looks like or feels like. There are days when you can’t pray all you can do is cry out to your Father. There are days you ache uncontrollably because what you desire cannot be found in the earth. So then what are you to do?  In those moments when you feel tired, weak, depressed, forgotten, left out, missed, abused, what’s left to do Lord? When there seems to be no comfort in this world? How do you keep a smile on your face and not grieve yourself internally? What do you say when it feels like the world is passing you by? What do you pray when you feel that your present condition is your fault, yet you can’t find any sin to correct? What then Jesus? Aren’t you the Father who loves, cares for, and seeks to prosper your children? Then why oh Lord, am I stagnant and discouraged?

This is what I hear from the spirit of the people. They have come to a place where nothing satisfies; nothing quenches that inner desire that cannot be explained. I have prayed and asked of the Holy Spirit to make known to each person in this hour who is partaking of this great push to greater holiness…. Now is not the time to disprove yourself, this is your perfecting time, in which your Father in heaven considers you worthy for a spiritual promotion. So instead of complaining, start praising! Now is the time when your prayer is about to be answered, actually it already is, that is why you feel what you feel and want what you want. This is a time in the spirit realm where the listeners and seers are going after kingdom things. So don’t be counterproductive to your own success, quiet your spirit and listen for instructions. The spirit has been unctioning you to stop and get in his presence, it is getting heavier by the hour, yield yourself and be purified…. This is your time of purification and elevation…

Stop spending priceless minutes thinking of what is wrong or what you do not have yet, when God is trying to prepare you at this very moment for the promise… Operate in this hour in wisdom and resilience. Push against the feelings of negativity with prayer; counteract the darts of attack with songs of praise… Put on your garments soldiers and gear up for battle!